Discours Iijima Sensei

Voici le texte du discours de Iijima Sensei, Hanshi 8 dan, fait en ouverture du “KORYU ENBU KAI” le 23 juillet au CSU Paris.


Today, we are blesses to be in this wonderful facility and environment, as the first International Kyudo Federation sponsored Enbu Kai is about to take place.

It makes me particularly happy to be able to join you here and to take part in this Koryu Enbu Kai. I would especially like to express my heart-felt thanks to you, our honored guests and friends, for making time in your busy schedules to join us.
Honored participants.

Today, 60 volunteers from Japan, and 150 honored guests from 16 European countries and regions have come here to take part.

Kyudo is one of Japan’s traditional Budo or martial arts. As can be seen from the Kanji, the word.道 can be found here. This most certainly refers to a way of ascetic practice ;a rigorousness which is found, not only when we are at the Kyudo-jo, but in our daily lives.
It is the appearance of this in our own “Sha” that we seek for.

We would do our best to exhibit the results of this ascetic practice in our daily lives.
And now, the motive for this Koryu Enbu Kai today is as a propelling force in the spread of Kyudo internationally, as part of the pre-program training and placement of the Kyogi Yakuin for the Second World Kyudo Taikai to be held in 2014. in preparation for this day, the French Kyudo Federation have put a great deal of effort into making the arrangements.
On the occasion of the opening to all of the participants, the members of the Unei lin, and all of the others who have united their efforts, and with high expectations fot the wonderful Koryu Enbu Kai about to begin, although they may be simple, I offer these words of greeting.

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