Noisiel’s Kyudojo

The CNKyudo (French Kyudo Federation) will organise for the first time at “Kyudojo National de Noisiel”, a traditional Kyudojo situated near Paris, the ANKF Kyudo Shinsa for Shodan to Yondan on 24th and 25th July.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : More information concerning the detailed location for on-site registration and precise timing for the event will be made available on this web site in the future.
Do not hesitate to consult them from time to time for up-to-date information.
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New 19/07/2019

  • Wed 24 juillet : Nidan-sandan Shinsa
  • Th 25 juillet : Shodan-yondan Shinsa
  • Timing for registration
    • Nidan-sandan Shinsa : Tuesday 23 July from 16 to 19h et Wednesday 24 July from 8 to 9h
    • Shodan-yondan Shinsa : Wednesday 24 July from 16 to 19h et Thursday 25 July 8 to 9h
  • Important : because of an expected large number of candidates it is highly recommended to register the day before your Shinsa
  • WARNING : each tachi is definitely constituted when it leaves the n°4 hikae for the n°3 hikae.
    Absentees at that moment, even if registered within the time limits, will be considered as withdrawing from the examination. In order not to disturb the serenity of the other candidates.
  • Noisiel Kyudojo Shajo map : click here

Download the last informations : Notes-before-Shinsa-Noisiel-2019.pdf

NB : WARNING – RER A travaux-RATP.pdf


We have already informed you of the upgrading works on the RER A train line which causes the closure of the line between stations AUBER and VINCENNES, both ways, all day during the weekends and from 10 PM every weekdays (please check for more details).

That should not impact your journey to Noisiel. However, if there is works on the tracks during the night, there are also additional risks for unforeseen problems and traffic perturbation. Therefore, if you intend to come to Noisiel from Paris the morning of your exam, we highly recommend that you check, firstly on the evening before your exam, and secondly early in the morning of the exam, the RATP website ( in order to get the latest traffic information.


In addition to the official registration information sent by the IKYF and the ANKF, please find in the following sections all complementary practical information you may need to organise your journey and your stay in France.

The CNKyudo managing team


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